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genre: Drama / USA / Liked it: 27 Vote / Review: Doreen Ross plays Laura Zuckerman a young housewife tortured by experiences of childhood sexual abuse. This is a poignant display of the human mind desperately grasping for normalcy while having been "trained" otherwise at an early age. While Lauras mother is in the hospital for a long stay her father terrorizes Laura. Sex then is the next step and before Lauras mother comes home her father makes her promise not to tell her mother what he has been doing to her. Lauras reality is now well tainted as she oscillates repeatedly between what is real versus what she thinks is real in the actions of both men and women towards her / 1988

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  1. 7,5 / 10 Stars
  2. 293 Vote
  3. Directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau
  4. Céline is a movie starring Isabelle Pasco, María Luisa García, and Danièle Lebrun. At 22, Céline receives several shocks: her father dies and she learns she was adopted; she rejects her inheritance, so her fiancé jilts her. She's
  5. Writer Jean-Claude Brisseau


Avenge Me is a movie starring Lung Ti, Tony Devon, and Patrick Bates. Video game characters become a reality game Cast Eric Wolfe Thriller Writer Miko Sata

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Directed by=Gino M. Santos. 55 vote. Movie info=Love Me Tomorrow is a movie starring Piolo Pascual, Coleen Garcia, and Dawn Zulueta. A generational love story about a DJ, a conflicted millennial woman, and a woman who is described to be 'on the verge of renaissance.' They will be. release Year=2016. Philippines