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Bromheads Jacket. ON THE BRAIN is an independent horror film that's a little better than you might expect. The usual problems associated with this style of filmmaking are present throughout, including some bad camera-work that distracts from the story, but otherwise it works quite well and depicts small town life in a way comparable to Stephen King.
The tale is one of parasitical invasion, in which tiny worms are burrowing into the brains of victims and turning them into cannibalistic killers. The special effects are limited as is the talent of the supporting cast, but the plotting isn't bad and the film feels quite professional in look and tone. Yes, it's hampered by the low budget, but it's far from the worst film you'll see, and some moments are quite disturbing.

Once the film gets going, the pacing and story really pick up. A movie worth a watch.





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Ultimately, it's not what you give. It's what you become. goosebumps. I love Chloe mortez ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Aldis is moving to another level. Good for him. WHY CHARLIE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Thank You to Bill & Family for inspiring us again, perhaps when we need it most. You are so very loved, and I will pay it forward however I can. <3. I watched this movie in our classroom it is so Amazing💕💕💕.

This looks like some typical, boring, contemporary horror bullshit. And to think I had my hopes up

One of the greatest films. Much love. I hade fun 😉😝.




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