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The 'Heart of Darkness' allusions are pretty much mandatory when discussing Strel and his boat of assistants who go down the Amazon in search of a world record. No one has ever swam the Amazon before. No one had swam the Yagtze or Mississippi before either, but the Amazon of course has more allure and danger. 'Why' is the obvious question but once you get to see Strel and learn his story, you quickly understand the reasons. Strel was abused as a child and the story of him running away from his abusive father and swimming an icy river is told as the beginning of Strel's journey.

Martin Strel is a long distance swimmer who has swam the lengths of the Yangtze River and the Mississippi River. In this documentary it is shown how he swims the Amazon River, the deadliest and longest river in the world.







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Why his still didn't get Nobel price for peac. Mahalo for this video! I vote Martin as the new Dos Equis most interesting man in the world. Big river man free online movies. I can understand his deep deep concentration while swimming, one day I was swimming at 5am the first 30 minutes was painfull then suddenly I don't know how my mind start to fall into a deep concentration I don't know for how long then soon after that I swim with no more pain it's like I'm part of the water, I was swimming for 1 hour without a single break n the only reason I stop is becuz I had to go to work by 9.

But he's so fat. Big River Man Free online. THIS GUYS A BEAST! RESPECT. Wow I swim for like 25 meters and I'm out of breath and need a few minutes to break. This talent is amazing. This is insane. He is really awesome! And everyone else can be as good as he is! This guy can be very motivational.

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Can somebody explain to me how is this man still overweight, swimming being one of the best ways to perfectly shape your body. Get him on JRE. Big River Man free online games. Big River Man free online gambling. Big river man free online games. Do nile.

Can't find the right well I'll going, never stop Martin

Big river man free online play. For me is this the national symbol for Slovenia.! but the people of Slovenia dont know for this.

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An early evolutionary path of land-animal human going back to its early water-based roots. Great video and so inspiring. may i know what's the background music please. Wow. nice place. Very impressive and inspirational. Thanx for sharing.


Big river man free online hd. Phhh. i'll be impressed when he does it upstream... Fantastic! Hero. Tremendous! WOW😳. Unlimited fat stores.😆👊💪. Unlimited desire. Of course, Martin has an excellent physical strength but, for me, it is more about mental strength and how to lead with pain and suffering! Go martin and more success for your life! we enjoy what you do. Bađun je bolji. Big river man free online banking. I still can't believe there's only 100k view, I alone have watch at least 10 times. this right here is the real inspiration, most people struggle just to swim 100m at the pool, but this guy swim 5000km. god, i thought people would have gone crazy about this.

This man is a legend.


Big river man free online episodes. Hello mr ticiar. People say they lose weight swimming. This man doesnt think so. I can see his titanium balls with carbon fibre coating. He is legend,salute to you. Sharks in the river? did I hear that correct. Martin Strel is a hero of this world. Please watch the documentary Big River Man, about his Amazon swim.

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